About Effervescence

Effervescence officially started in 1990 as a sole proprietorship with Elizabeth as the principle. Effervescence, LLC (Effervescence) was launched in January of 2004, by health and fitness expert Elizabeth Brooks and businessman Ricardo Brooks, formerly of R. A. Brooks & Associates, LLC. Effervescence is a personal training and fitness education company formed to help teach people how to develop disciplined lifestyles that include regular exercise. The purpose of Effervescence is to teach the principles and techniques of exercise to maintain good stewardship of the body. This is done primarily through the promotion of the philosophy that “Fitness Begins With Correct Thinking™”.

The husband and wife team of Mr. Ricardo Brooks and Mrs. Elizabeth Brooks leads the Company’s management team. Elizabeth provides visionary direction, and over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry and as a Master Instructor and Advanced Certified Personal Trainer acts as the Chief Servant Officer. Ricardo is a highly respected Management Consultant with extensive executive experience in corporate management, business development, operational & fiscal management systems as well as IT management is the company’s General Manager.

The company has opened the Effervescence Personal Training Studio. Soon, we look forward to the development of Community Fitness DC, a non-profit which is designed to meet the needs of the burden group and give access to the under-served non-exercising community. This facility will be an extension of the following services that we offer now and provide exercise support services and products including, but not limited to:

  • Fitness and MasterClasses
  • One-on-one personal training services
  • Partner training
  • Small Group Personal Training (3-4 individuals at a time)
  • Educational Workshops and Seminars on various topics including (see Workshops & MasterClass for more details):
    • “Fitness Begins With Correct Thinking
    • “Cardio Kickboxing”
    • “Women on Weights”
    • “Double-Up: Total Body Conditioning for Pairs”,
    • “Total Body Strength & Conditioning”

The Effervescence Mission

Effervescence will take a scriptural approach to educate, guide, direct and advise individuals on correct thinking principles to aid them in the care and stewardship of their bodies through exercise. Effervescence will reach out to those individuals who are not participating in any form of physical exercise regularly and direct them in the appropriate way to incorporate exercise routines in their lives by teaching them the importance of regular exercise. Our goal is to make high quality personal training advisory services affordable to a body of individuals who would otherwise not have access or be able to afford one-on-one training services.

The Effervescence Vision

The vision of Effervescence is to reach out and educate those individuals who are not participating in any form of physical activity and inspire them to include exercise as a regular aspect of their daily lives. Effervescence will do this by teaching that change must first occur in the mind and then be followed-up by changed behavior. Effervescence will do this by creating a state of the art fitness and personal training studio where the individual needs of the client can be addressed. The principals of Effervescence will work with other community-minded individuals to develop a non-profit entity that will address the burden group of individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford personal training services. This entity, which will be called Community Fitness DC, will offer this population the unique programming of small group personal training, which is more cost effective and can be subsidized through tax deductible contributions and grant funding.

Fitness Begins With Correct Thinking™

Elizabeth strives to educate her students and clients in developing systematic lifestyle changes by increasing their knowledge and information about the body. Her philosophy and the driving force behind her teaching is that fitness must begin with correct thought processes behind what we do. Before you can make changes in the way your body looks you must first change the way you think about your body. This change in mindset will lead to the development of a disciplined and fulfilled lifestyle that includes exercise as a means to stay healthy, energetic and productive.