Masterclasses and Workshops

Here are some of our workshop and master class offerings. Unless otherwise noted, all workshops and master classes are conducted by Elizabeth Brooks. If any are of interest please go to the contact page of or simply click the contact button above and email us a note. We’ll get back to you right away for scheduling.

Fitness Begins With Correct Thinking (Lecture)(Includes: 1 hour lecture; Class Outline)

Did you know that your thoughts are at the root of everything that you do? Have you been struggling with getting an exercise routine going and/or staying consistent? This lecture teaches the importance of correcting thought patterns that keep us from sustaining positive results in our lives and staying fit. You will learn that fitness is an outward expression and manifestation of an inward state of mind and how to retrain your mind so that you can sustain lifelong, consistent results from your exercise and fitness program. Gain the tools to transform yourself into the disciplined and focused individual you desire to be. Note: This lecture can include a 45-minute movement class of your choice. Contact us for more information.

Cardio Kickboxing: Base Movements & Techniques (Workshop; 1.5 AFAA CEUs) (Includes: 1 hour lecture; 1 hour class; Course Outline; Choreography; Q&A)

Course Description

Whether you are considering teaching kickboxing, interested in jazzing up your present class, or just want to learn more about the art of kickboxing, this workshop is for you. Develop a deeper understanding of the functional and practical movements of kickboxing. Focus on the proper execution of basic kickboxing movements and techniques as well as review target muscle groups and sport-specific contraindications for this dynamic exercise format. Learn how to translate your individual style to the group exercise environment.

Women on Weights: Tap Into Your Body’s Real Fat Burning Ability (Workshop) (Includes: 1 hour lecture; 1 hour Total Body Strength & Conditioning class; Course Outline; Weight training patterns; Q&A)

Course Description

Weight training and weight baring exercise are the most effective way to burn fat. So why are so many women still not incorporating it into their regular routines. This workshop will teach participants the practical knowledge and benefits behind regular weight training and dispel some myths about women’s weight training. Participants will also learn some basic weight training principles and techniques that will allow them to be more comfortable and knowledgable in the weight room. Note: Also available in lecture only format.

Cardio Kickboxing: This Is No Drill!! (Master Class)(Includes: 1-hour Master Class; Choreography)

Class Description

Looking for a Cardio Kickboxing class that surpasses the norm? Want to jazz up traditional drills and transform your class into a cardio sweat bath that emphasizes precision of movement and safety? Then sign up for this class today because this is the workout for you and your excitement starved students. Students will utilize core muscle groups in an anaerobic workout pattern. Elizabeth will guide the class through a variety of punches, blocks and kicks in an intense choreographed routine that will leave you charged and energized. All movements are rehearsed in the warm-up and brought together in a systematic combination. Give your workout a kick in the pants and join Elizabeth for this intense and exhilarating workout! Note: Class not recommended for individuals with severe knee and back problems.

Double-Up: Total Body Conditioning for Pairs (Master Class)(Includes: 1-hour Master Class; Workout Patterns)

Class Description

“Double-Up” is a strength and conditioning workout for partners and focuses on core strength and development. Body weight exercises are used to add an increased strength dimension as well as variety to traditional resistance exercises. Students will learn techniques such as spotting and partner sensitivity training to help enhance their workouts. If you have ever said, “I’ll go if you go!” or would simply like a workout partner to help keep you energized and motivated then this class is for you. Working with your partner you will perform a variety of strength and resistance exercises in a circuit pattern. As you match your skills with your partner, you will learn unique training methods to increase your stamina, balance and overall core strength. So come prepared to sweat! And you won’t have to worry about being alone as you re-train your body and mind through this intense training format!!

Total Body Strength & Conditioning (Master Class)(Includes: 1-hour Master Class; Workout Patterns)

Class Description

You’ve never taken a body sculpting class like this! Learn the meaning of intensity with this challenging resistance training workout. Elizabeth will teach you how to incorporate principles of sets and reps to take your classroom workouts to another level of progression. Students will perform exercises for every muscle group of the body in a circuit workout pattern by utilizing tubes, weights, Body Bars as well as your own body weight. Increase your muscle strength, tone and overall balance as you learn the importance of weight baring exercise to maintain muscle and significantly reverse the negative effects that aging can have on your body.