My methodology is centered on educating individuals in the area of health and fitness and the proper stewardship of their bodies. It is crucial that we understand that before we can affect long term, long-lasting physical change we must first begin to think of the care of our bodies as a function of our love for God. Thus the “Fitness Begins With Correct Thinking” philosophy. It is designed to encourage individuals who are not exercising regularly to get in shape and stay in shape by first transforming their minds. “Fitness Begins with Correct Thinking” is a series of biblically based teachings intended to inspire the Body of Christ to see the care of their bodies as an extension of their relationship with God. I desire to show individuals that they are truly a part of God’s divine plan and that optimum health through good physical stewardship is the way to enhance our productivity and the productivity of the people around us. I help individuals navigate through some of the more confusing concepts that they receive about exercise and make it easier to digest. Correct your thinking first and lifestyle and physical change will come.