Interested In Personal Training In The Washington, D.C. Area? Consider using the services of Elizabeth Brooks. With over 8 years of experience in training clients one-on-one, Elizabeth will design an exercise program to address your specific health and fitness goals. Check out some of these client testimonials.

I have been training with Elizabeth Brooks for over a year. When Elizabeth asked me what my goals were, I told her that I wanted to keep my independence as I am in my fifties.
Since then I have become more independent: I am much stronger and can lift heavier things. Gardening is easier as I am more flexible. I have stopped myself from falling as my balance has greatly improved. I also have lots more energy and feel better. Training with Elizabeth has enhanced my life.” Margaret, 58
Elizabeth has helped me get back my life. I feel as if I have a good start to healthier living. She has given me so many wonderful tips. I know I will be fine on my own, because Elizabeth has prepared me so well. She has been a great inspiration in my life.” Emma, 36
Elizabeth really listens to hear clients. She works with each client to develop an individual program that is best for him/her. She works equally well with young and old, men and women. Elizabeth's programs are fun, varied, interesting and, above all, challenging. She commands you to do your very best at each exercise and on each rep. Elizabeth's knowledge of the body - it's structure and its needs - is total. I recommend Elizabeth Brooks as a personal trainer to anyone interested in attaining his/her physical conditioning goals.” Geoff, 61
Elizabeth Brooks is a professional who is both serious and personable. She listens to you and crafts a program suited to your needs and aspirations - a personalized program to improve your strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. She is thoughtful, attentive, thinks ahead, is prepared for your session, introducing a variety of exercises and fitness information so you get a lot out of each session - never boring. She helped me recover from a sports injury and taught me techniques to avoid a recurrance. Best personal trainer experience I've had” Tom, 66
Elizabeth designs the program for you, not for her. She's inspiring and challenging while being very attuned to where you are physically and mentally, in each session. She tries to address all aspects of your fitness - diet, general health, stress, etc. She helps you get Results.” Chris, 52
I started working with Elizabeth Brooks in January of 1998 with a goal to compete in a bodybuilding contest in June of that year. With Elizabeth's logical and effective training methods I safely gained the strength, muscle and stamina needed to reach my goal. Thanks to Elizabeth I was able to place in my first show and improved with each succeeding show since. Elizabeth's knowledge of strength and her passion for fitness is contagious. She is very encouraging and motivating and keeps her clients safety and well being a priority. All of this and a busy mother of two children also make her an invaluable trainer.” Jackie, 53