Tip 2 - Transforming Your Thoughts About Exercise

Praise the Lord!

I’m Elizabeth Brooks with Effervescence. At Effervescence we believe that “Fitness Begins With Correct Thinking.” Today’s exercise tip is intended to encourage and inspire you on your road to a fitter and healthier lifestyle that will glorify God. Remember, before you can change your body you must first correct your thinking. Your thoughts are at the root of everything you do and every decision you make. Continue the process of transforming your thoughts by agreeing with and obeying the natural laws God has put in place for the caring of your physical body. Our bodies are designed by God for exercise and physical activity.  We are not designed for sedentary living.

Train yourself to agree with God that the proper stewardship of the body will lead to a healthier, fitter lifestyle that gives you the energy to perform your daily activities and witness the Lord Jesus Christ to others.

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