Tip 5 - Priortizing Your Workout

Praise the Lord!

I’m Elizabeth Brooks with Effervescence. At Effervescence we believe that “Fitness Begins With Correct Thinking.” Change of the body begins in the mind. Today’s exercise tip is to remind you how much God loves and cares for you.  Did you know that you show your love in return towards the Father by properly caring for the temple He has given you?  If so, use this knowledge to help you implement small changes towards a lifestyle of fitness.  Prioritize your fitness program by working out in the morning. Your body will burn more calories all day if you do. In addition, working out first thing will encourage you to continue to make good choices throughout the day. In everything from your selection of lunch meals to your choice to deliver that message to your colleague in person by walking down the hall instead of sending an email.

Each small step you take to include more movement into your day will lead to a more active and fit lifestyle.

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